10 Awesome love inspirational quotes for friends

A friend is one who hangouts with your, who shares everything with you. If you wish to express your love towards a friend, a quote makes the impression good. So, here is a collection of awesome love inspirational quotes for friends.

Love inspirational quotes for friends

1. You get my THOUGHTS just by taking one QUICK GLANCE at me.


friends quotes
2. No matter how SERIOUS my life gets, you are the one PERSON I can always be STUPID with.


friend quotes


3. You are my UN-biological SIBLING.
love for friend

4. You are my FRIEND, who understands what I CAN’T SAY.


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5. Because of you I LAUGH a little harder, CRY a little less, and SMILE a lot more.


loving friends


6. Sometimes being with YOU, is all the THERAPY I NEED.


love inspirational quotes


7. You came into my LIFE and said, “I am here for you”. Then you proved it!


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8. Whenever I FEEL, you picked me UP. “AFTER LAUGHING”.


awesome friend quotes
9. I have CRAZY friends, I have EVERYTHING.


friend is everything
10. I hope we are FRIENDS until we die, and then I hope we stay GHOST FRIENDS and WALK through walls, and SCARE the shit out of PEOPLE.


friendship quotes
11. Your FRIENDSHIP is like an OCTOPUS on my face irritating, sticky but still BEAUTIFUL.


friendship is love
12. You make my GOOD times better and HARD times easier.


love friendship quotes
13. I never REALIZED we were making MEMORIES, I just thought we were having FUN.


love inspirational quotes


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